Acupuncture Back Pain

Acupuncture Back Pain

The back pain health complaint can be very devastating due to its associated loss of functioning and chronic pain hence a need for acupuncture back pain. Although pain relievers are the common prescription for back pain, acupuncture is an effective and more natural alternative method for helping the patients to deal with the pain.

Definition: The process of acupuncture involves placing in fine needles in the skin to different depth along some body points. According to Mayo clinic, the technique’s origin can be traced back in china many thousands years ago. Traditionally, this technique aims at balancing the stream of life force known as chi or qi in the body’s meridians or pathways. Most acupuncture practitioners from western say that these are body spots that stimulate nerves which increase flow of blood and affect muscles.

Back Pain: The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that, even though millions of people are affected by back pain, many seek medical care due to lower back pain. This is also the reason for pursuing treatments of acupuncture. Chronic or acute back pain may be as result of injuries or problems in nerves, muscles and back vertebrae.

Uses: Acupuncture treatment has proved to be effective therapy for body pain including headaches, allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal and back pin disorders when carried out by proficient professionals. The acupuncture treatment might help boost the natural reducers of pain in the body, stimulate the activity of nerves, and improve the functioning of muscles and the flow of blood. All these benefits associated with acupuncture help in treating chronic pain of the back.

Benefits: The University Of Maryland Department Of Anesthesiology endorses acupuncture for its paybacks prior to and after the surgery. This helps one to feel relaxed, experience less pain and it might even make them need less sedative at the surgery time. After the surgery it may assist the body in dealing with post-surgery stress such as pain, anxiety, nausea and reduced gut motility. Also, acupuncture back pain can help in reducing surgeries side effects, procedure as well as medication for back pain.